Full Leather binding is the ultimate in high-end, luxury fine binding. For those who wish to avoid some of the expense of full leather binding half leather and quarter leather bindings are available. To the uninitiated, leather binding may seem outrageously expensive. It is true that not every book may deserve a leather binding, but the extra expense can be justified in many cases. If the book has value; whether monetary, historical, or sentimental; it is a good candidate for a leather binding.

Half leather binding consists of the spine and corners of the boards covered in leather with majority of the boards covered in cloth or a marbled/decorative paper. To further reduce cost a quarter leather binding is available. In quarter leather binding only the spine is covered in leather; the boards covered in another material.

We use the finest materials available for our leather bindings. Sturdy construction and non-acidic archival leather and other materials will guarantee that the book will last and remain in a usable condition for generations to come. There are many different leathers available. We can accommodate just about any style desired. Oftentimes we incorporate sculptural elements into our leather bindings to give them an unmatched uniqueness. Options are just about limitless so Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

The price of leather binding varies according to the cost of leather and other materials, plus labor which can be time consuming as complexity increases.